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: Bi-Bi la Boop

Bi-Bi la Boop was born and raised in Paris, France. (Not Paris, Texas, ya'll) Abandoned as a child, she grew up without ever knowing the love and comfort of a family. However, she was always kind and even admired for her sweet nature. Although, an aspiring actress, Bi-Bi was often distracted by her similar aspirations for love; she found she loved the attention of each boy she spent time with. But when one lover broke her heart, it revealed a very different side of her. Bitter, Bi-Bi began to beguile malleable men until she had broken every available heart in Paris. Bored with sensitive Parisian men, she moved to Texas in search of a tough cowboy. She might fool you with her innocent girlish charm, boys, but Bi-Bi la Boop is more sinister than sweet.


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