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: Emerald Lovejoy

Emerald Lovejoy was raised in a well to do English family and raised to live at the pinnacle of propriety. Polo, private schools, piano lessons, etiquette classes; but this beautiful bombshell prefers a life of escapades and debauchery. Wishing to free herself from a disapproving mummy and daddy, she ran away to Texas to live with a girl she had recently met in Amsterdam, who was quite pleased with a tasty piece of land she had just won in a poker game. Men, if you want to impress Miss Lovejoy, you better be ready to get a little crazy, not to mention pick up a pretty hefty tab. She has base-jumped in Bora Bora, sipped champagne in San Tropez, mingled with mobsters in Monte Carlo, and yawns at the thought of a romantic night at home. Lovejoy wants to play, but watch your pocketbook, boys; this lovely lass has charmed the pants off a preacher.


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