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: Legs Cadillac

The only daughter of the last Maharaja of Bombay, Legs Cadillac grew up as the princess Sultana in the splendor of her father's court. A charismatic baron from the west persuaded the Maharaja to let him escort Sultana to London, to study at Miss Pettigrew's School for Exceedingly Wealthy Girls. But upon reaching London, the scheming baron sold Sultana for some grade-A opium and a sherpa to Samosa Joe's Variety Show, where she was forced to dance to earn her keep. Adoring audiences dubbed her "Legs" for the sexy sashay that made men swoon. Lucky for Legs, Emerald Lovejoy and Tijuana Trixie caught the show one night and nabbed Legs after the encore, making their getaway in a black, '69 Cadillac Eldorado. Legs Cadillac will tantalize you with her sleek grace and exotic charm.


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