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: Tijuana Trixie

Watch out boys and girls, because Tijuana Trixie is one wild buckaroo. This tequila slammin', peyote munchin' pistol packin' mamma is always ready for some good ol' southern fried fun. She was raised in El Paso by unruly, ambitious parents who ran a string of second rate south of the border clubs. She has spent many rough and rowdy nights in Mexico and gained her notoriety in a Tijuana nightclub show - Mujeres, Mujeres, Mujeres, y la Gringa. One night, after a long trip up to the heart of Texas, Trixie, a vicious card shark, won a lush piece of land and a load of cash in a white-knuckled poker game with one gin soaked Texas senator. Thus began of El Rancho de Kitty Kitty Bang Bang. She might be a boisterous blonde, indeed, but she smolders on stage - ella es picosa. Move over, hombres, this one is dancin' for the senoritas.


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